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Search Intent SEO Will Change the Game



When it comes to SEO, you might not be aware of how your content can change search intent. The SEO game is changing, and people are looking for information has changed as well. Instead of just using Google or Bing, people use various devices to find what they’re looking for. This means that SEO experts need to learn about SERP features like “voice search” and “visual search.” It’s time for SEO experts in Columbus to get up-to-date on Search intent SEO.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent is the reason that someone is searching for a topic. The reasons can be broken down into five categories. SEO experts need to learn about all of them and how internet users use them.

Types of Search Intent

There are several types of search intent, which include:

  • Informational intent 

This is when someone wants general information on a topic without knowing which website or source the content will come from. A local SEO expert should focus their SEO strategy on this type of search intent because searchers want unbiased facts about your product or service rather than promotional information favouring one brand. To get traffic for these kinds of searches, you must make sure that you have educational articles and blog posts with high-quality images related to your industry that people can share across social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. While Google doesn’t penalize sites for having links to their websites, they do rank websites with more authoritative links higher in the SERPs. If you search for the “best SEO agency near me“, you will find experts who can help you gain high-quality backlinks that will boost your SEO rankings and drive traffic to your site.

  • Navigational intent. This category is where SEO experts who are willing to work with local businesses will find the most success. If you search for “SEO expert Columbus” or “local SEO expert“, you may be looking for someone to help optimize your site so that it ranks on Google Maps, which is a good way to get local customers.
  • Commercial intent. SEO firms and individual SEOs can use content marketing strategies like blogging about industry-related topics on their websites and guest posting on other sites for these types of searches. When people search for commercial keywords, they tend to have less website traffic than when searching for navigational terms. However, this does not mean that SEO professionals should ignore those searches.
  • Transactional intent. These searches include queries like “best restaurant in Columbus” or “Columbus SEO Company”. People tend to be ready to buy when they search for these questions, which means a good page ranking will often lead to conversion within minutes (or seconds) of clicking on a website link.

What’s the source of search intent?

Search intent is a result of the mindset that people have when they type a question into Google. When someone asks, “how does SEO work?”, it is an example of informational intent.

However, when Google released their Hummingbird update in 2013, SEOs and marketers discovered that Google was more than just a search engine. The SEO world was turned upside down when SEO professionals realized that the way they had been optimizing their content was no longer going to be enough.

The best SEO agencies have expanded beyond simple keyword usage into topics like how-to articles with visual elements, listicles, or even memes that target users’ intent while having an appealing title – all of this without compromising on writing quality.

How to optimize your posts for search intent

Informational Intent: When someone searches for “how does SEO work”, it means they are looking for educational information. They want it from accredited sources rather than from a random website. This is the SEO content you wish to write about informational-based topics such as SEO fundamentals, best practices, and SEO strategies.

Navigational Intent: People who use navigational intent are looking for specific websites that they have already heard of or know about. Those most commonly include names of businesses, ecommerce sites, and blogs with large followings – which means these users already know what they’re looking for, so your titles need to be unique to stand out among results pages.

Commercial Intent: If someone has commercial intent while searching for “SEO agency Columbus, Ohio”, it likely means they are interested in finding companies that offer SEO services near them rather than simply reading more information about SEO.

Transactional Intent: Someone using transactional intent wants quick access through SEO services when customers have a commercial purpose. Therefore, your content should be SEO focused and written with the user experience in mind.

How does Search Intent affect my SEO Strategy?

When developing one’s SEO campaign, the first step is analyzing keywords – where do users enter information into Google while searching for content like yours? This question is essential because SEO strategies are different depending on the search intent. For example, in informational searches like “what is SEO”, users typically use shorter phrases and keywords with specific answers they want to find about a topic. In this case, SEO experts recommend using long-form content that includes these key points as well as additional information for readers who might be interested in learning more (i.e., providing some extra value).

When you optimize your website for transactional intent, it means writing SEO focused copy that helps customers make quick decisions or take action when searching online via Google Search Console.

In terms of maritime services such as those used by local businesses, including location metadata can help direct people towards what they’re looking for.


SEO is changing, and it’s vital for business owners and marketers alike who want their site to be seen organically by people searching Google Maps and other popular search engines. Whether you need help with local SEO, national SEO, or simply a better understanding of what factors go into SEO, searching for “digital marketing agencies near me” can help.

When it comes to SEO services, one of the best and most important things you should do is determine what type of search intent your customers are using when they decide to look for you online. This will make a massive difference in how well your business ranks against competitors without sacrificing quality or diluted results on Google Search Console.

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