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Indian Server Hosting vs US Server Hosting: Learning the Difference

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In this modern and digital world, having a business website plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Unfortunately, many startups and new websites launch their websites, which end up underperforming due to several factors like poor hosting service or lack of knowledge. Several web hosting services offer Shared Hosting Servers, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting Servers, and VPS Servers to website owners to host their websites. 

Choosing a suitable hosting provider and web hosting plan is crucial to avoid any performance lags or security issues for your business website. While you can choose the correct hosting platform based on some readily available research and comparisons, it becomes difficult to choose the location of your servers. This can lead to confusion regarding choosing between an Indian server or a US server hosting. 

In this article, we shall cover the differences between US and Indian server hosting and determine which is suitable for your website. 

The difference between Indian servers and US servers

Websites and businesses are always confused regarding which hosting provider to choose from as clients play an important role in deciding whether to go for a US-based or an Indian-based hosting service. 

Let us understand the clear differences between these two through the following factors: 

  • Latency 

It is recommended to choose a service with a low latency rate, as it takes longer to load the website pages every time. The physical distance between a user’s browser and the hosting server decides this factor. 

If you are an Indian business owner, with a target audience in the Indian subcontinent, Indian servers will have a lower latency rate than the US servers. This is because of the less distance between the Indian servers and their target audience. Therefore, it is recommended to go for Indian server hosting for quick loading speed and low latency. 

  • Search visibility 

Your website’s IP address largely influences its search visibility factor. Therefore, along with choosing a .co or .in domain name, it is advisable to opt for Indian-based IP addresses for businesses with a larger Indian target audience. 

Overseas IP addresses impact a website’s visibility, making opting for a local service hosting provider quite important. 

  • Content Delivery

Content Delivery Networks or (CDNs) are essential services offered by hosting providers to websites. CDNs are used to reduce latency and deliver content to users or browsers present at the nearest server location. 

Suppose you have an Indian target audience, but you choose US-based hosting service providers. In that case, all your website’s contents will be delivered quickly and at a faster rate to users located in the US, affecting the user experience for your Indian market. Therefore, Indian servers are suitable if you have a large Indian audience to target. 

Summing Up

Therefore, it is advisable to choose Indian server hosting solutions for an Indian firm with an Indian target audience. On the other hand, a US server hosting solution can lead to many performance lags and other issues for your users, affecting your website’s economy and revenue. 

Indian servers, on the contrary, can help your website perform better and also leverage the CDNs to enhance your customer’s and Indian targeted audience’s overall user experience. 

So, if your business is based in India and you have a growing business that needs a scalable hosting plan, we recommend you to buy VPS Hosting or Linux VPS Hosting services based in India for convenient and affordable hosting solutions. 

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