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Overview over 5 D’s of digital marketing- how digital marketing services in Pakistan function through it

Digital Marketing


All companies of Pakistan whether large or small have shifted their focus away from traditional marketing and working on their digital marketing strategies.

What makes digital marketing so vast? They do not go by one old strategy to do their marketing instead they utilize every electronic media platform to promote their brands and products. They test the successful rate of various marketing campaigns by analyzing them on different marketing channels.

Digital marketing became really essential when electronic devices became a basic part of our routine.

Marketing through the internet, marketing through websites, marketing through social media and many more,  Its name has been variated so many times that the list only grows in length as time passes by.

In today’s time, digital marketing is not just limited to emails or websites. It consists of 5 D’s, on which it will not compromise. These 5D’s are not just rules but a path full of opportunities for companies and the customers to learn more and more about each other.

let’s look into the 5D’s of digital marketing to get the better understanding of functioning of Best Digital Marketing Services.

main D’s of digital marketing

1. Digital devices

These are electronic devices used by the customers to interact with the companies who provide them with digital marketing services. I am going to list some of the digital devices that i can surely say you will be familiar with

  • tablet
  • laptops
  • cell phones
  • e-readers
  • storage devices as memory card


It allows them to stay connected with their favorite brands and companies. It keeps them updated about which products are going to be launched in the future.

2. Digital platforms

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube and Google are some of the many used platforms which work as a medium for digital marketing services of Pakistan and allows the customer and the marketer to interact.

These platforms have spread far and wide with an increase of 2 million users every day, which has broken the record of the past decades.

3. Digital media

It means all the communication channels which helps marketers to increase the engagement on their posts and advertisements such as

  • searching engines
  • emails for advertisement
  • social networking
  • messaging

4. Digital data

This means all collection of the data from user’s profiles and their engagement pattern which tells you the likes and dislikes so that you can have control over their buying decisions. This data is later used by marketing companies to convince customers into buying additional products. Which helps them to promote their new products.

Here are some ways from where they form their analytics

  • Websites : they keep the track of the most used websites
  • Surveys : they form analytics by different surveys on the most used websites
  • Apps history : they record your app library to learn about the most used applications

5. Digital technology

It allows us to store enormous amounts of data and compressed in any small storage device. This data can be easily preserved and maintained for a long period. Digital marketing truly transformed our way of interacting, learning and performing.

Artificial intelligence utilizes our data to use it in formation of analytics which leads to

  • Predictive search
  • Chatbots
  • Apps recommendation
  • Websites recommendation


Digital marketing is the only trend along with many companies and businesses that has been successfully keeping up.

But, digital marketing is still underdeveloped. And been showing new signs of development by every passing year with new talents always keeping it filled up.

Utilization of your digital tools to reach your marketing goal is considered one of the smartest steps to be taken in the 21st century.

 Working by the 5D’s of digital marketing mentioned above to achieve success and gaining experience is the smartest speed to be competing with in this era full of competition. More info to visit:

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