How To Find Amazon Traffic Statistics And Competitor’s Keyword Ranking

How To Find Amazon Traffic Statistics And Competitor’s Keyword Ranking

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Amazon is considered one of the biggest success stories, which has become a powerful platform for businesses in online businesses. However, the traffic statistics of Amazon are vital to learning, and this is what I am going to discuss in this post. If you hope to raise your sales, you must have a complete idea of what traffic you generate. By knowing the traffic statistics, you can know your ranking among other competitors. This means that by analyzing the traffic, you can improve the ranking and generate more profit. Amazon provides its services in many categories like books, clothes, electronics, etc. Now, let’s see what kind of traffic on amazon sellers statistics you need to know.

Amazon Traffic Sources

You must know that the traffic of an online business is influenced by several factors. There are three primary traffic sources; organic search, paid to advertise, and referral. Let’s look at each one of them.

1 Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic comes from search engines. Your website will click if your product is related to the keywords and the user typed those words. This is the most important and influential source of traffic for every business. However, I will also say that not every keyword will work for you; it needs to be a popular term that will generate some clicks.

2 Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the second source of traffic, where you pay a certain amount per click or impression and show the ad in front of the user. Paid advertising can help you reach out to the audience differently. Some ads are placed on the website’s front page in paid advertisements, and ads are placed in search results. #

3 Referral Traffic

The last traffic source is referred traffic, which comes from users who have clicked on your ad or come to your site through some links you have created. These links can be your social media channels, email, or landing pages. These users will get an offer from you after visiting your website or signing up on your request. This is one of the powerful sources of traffic for your business. You will get a higher conversion rate with referral traffic. #

Amazon Traffic Stats

Amazon provides its stats for traffic, but they need more insights about business owners. They should know their ranking and position among other competitors in the same category. The Amazon stats are provided in two ways: a report and the dashboard. The former can be accessed through the link “Reporting.” However, in this report, you can see the top 10 countries from which most people are coming. You can also see the leading countries where your product is selling, which is good because you need to focus on that area. When it comes to the dashboard, there are many statistics that you can see, like the total visits, conversion rate, number of orders, and so on. #

Amazon Revenue Stats

The next thing that you must learn is the revenue and profit stats of the Amazon store. If you desire to develop your business, you must regularly track your sales. You will get more profits if you see that the number of sales increases and increases at a fast rate. You will also gain insights into the average order value and the return rate, which means how many orders are coming back because they are fake or have some other problem.

Amazon Traffic Trends

It is prevalent for them to see a sudden increase or decrease in their traffic when it comes to online businesses. If you have noticed the same trend with your business, you need to watch it. You can quickly check the average page views per visit on the dashboard. This number shows you the interest level that your website has among the people visiting. Also, you can take the time to find out the reason for the traffic drop. It would be better to leave the problem alone and wait for it to go up again.


In conclusion, the article shows you how to find Amazon traffic statistics and competitor keyword ranking. To summarize, this article shows you how to find Amazon traffic statistics and competitor keyword ranking.

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