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How to Win Clients with Social Media Spy App



Last year I started a small business as sole owner. It was hard in the starting days as my start-up just collided with the pandemic timeline so all the hopes and big plans were almost in a drain. But thankfully with time, I was able to grasp the situation and that was the turning point of my business story. I switched to online business and delivery and that was the best decision I took at that time. As a drowning man catches at a straw, at that time switching to online business was that straw for me that can help me to get back to sea. Well turned out it was the right choice.

I was clear about the online thing but how to achieve all that was just not my cup of tea.That’s where my subordinate helped me a lot. He told me to take the help of social media platforms to promote our business.He was sure that,it will help us gain more clients and expand our services and product business. They hired a team for promotion but the outcome was not that good. I was very worried but then he asked me to just keep an eye on the social media activity team and guide them remotely. That was possible with the use of TheOneSpy¬†social media spy app features. I was reported about every promotional deal and post in real-time and was able to track all the good and bad employees right away. It was just the start of my business and I was desperate so I even fired some new interns right away.But it was all for business and am glad we found the right android spy app for that.

Social media is a platform for connecting with friends and family but with time it has the versatile use that has made them a successful tool. Around 71% of small to mid-size businesses use these platforms as a marketing tool to promote themselves. Moreover around them 52% post daily on social media pages. It can be considered as a full-time job and the most sensitive one I might add as a social media platform is like the face of any business that directly deals with the client.

Get In the Clients Inbox:

One of the best ways to let the client know you exist and your product or services are better than anyone is just directly telling them. Instant message chat app like WhatsApp can be used for this purpose. It is free and offers a group chat service as well. But one thing to make sure is that the employee behind handling all these is sensible and quick-witted. Keep an eye on all of the updates and activities with the WhatsApp spy app. It can even let the user know about all the message content and media shared through the app. Make sure the queries are replied to on time by the social media team.

Frequent Story Update Is A Must:

Instagram offers versatile features to the users and story update is one of them. The best part about it is that any client on the story marathon can watch about product or service at any time. Moreover one can invest in the promotional ad as well. Keepinga strict eye on all the Instagram activities of the employees is very easy and possible with the Instagram spy app.Every post and story content is saved and reported to the spy app user.

What’s Better Than a viral Post :

A post on Facebook can reach millions of its users in one day. So the use of this platform is also an excellent choice to promote the business. But again the content of the post must be high quality to grab the attention of all the Facebook users. The Facebook spy app lets the user monitor every activity of the employees with complete timestamp information.

Not only just social media spy app, TheOneSpy offer many other helping employee monitoring features for all the employers. Use these features to keep a strict check on the employees through company-owned devices like desktops, tablets, or cellphones. The variety of system friendy versions makes it more attractive as Mac, Windows or Android user gets separate versions for themselves. More info to visit:

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