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A.I. Here, There, Everywhere



Most of you grew up watching foreboding futuristic stories like the Terminator series. The concept of artificial intelligence taking over humanity has been extensively portrayed in popular fiction. However, you’ll be glad to know that AI is not a Skynet-like concept which can take over the world. In a way, it already has, but to the benefit of humanity and within its control.

Before you panic about AI taking over, know that it is not an insidious monster with a mind of its own. It works with what scientists have given it, and works for the benefit of mankind across various fields. You’d be surprised at how many ways you use it without even knowing. It is basically everywhere, and used by numerous companies as well. Whether it is a car assembly plant or a staffing agency, AI can be utilized almost anywhere. It has a wide variety of uses and can improve any aspect of life. To clear any lingering doubts in your mind, take a look at how it already affects your life.

In Your Home

You’ll be really surprised at how often you interact with AI without being aware of it. If you’ve used autocorrect or predictive text, that is basically AI. In addition, you’ll see that your Netflix and YouTube recommendations tend to be tailored to your preferences. This is also due to AI algorithms which gain knowledge from things you choose to watch, and then offer you things you might like.

Furthermore, your phone’s voice assistant is essentially an example of AI too. So, if you’ve asked Siri where the nearest pharmacy is, you’ve used AI.

In Healthcare

The concept of AI has really proven its widespread benefits when it comes to healthcare. As machine learning gathers information from millions of possibilities and does not suffer from human error, it is much more accurate. Therefore, it is being used to diagnose diseases such as lung cancer and dementia and even catch them in their early phases for treatment.

Additionally, robotic arms in surgery have been around for a while now. Their precision and lack of human error make them suitable for the most complex surgeries, with high patient survival and recovery rates.

In Public Safety and Policing

Public safety and law enforcement has really gotten really good use out of AI. They use drones and imaging devices to identify any threats to public safety. In fact, now mines are disarmed using robots rather than risking human lives. Otherwise, landmine disabling led to numerous accidents and deaths. This technology is also being used to identify and disarm bombs, so that people can be protected without risking first responder’s lives. Additionally, AI has also been used to identify traffic behavior patterns, so that traffic lights can respond accordingly. It also automatically captures any violations, and notifies the culprits almost immediately. All of this leads to safer and more efficient cities, with manpower limitations not being a hurdle.

In Commerce

This is one of the most common ways in which you must have experienced AI personally. If you’ve been browsing your favorite online store and adding things to the cart without buying them, the algorithm automatically notes that down. Then, when you’re surfing your social media pages, you’ll get those ads which try to convince you to complete your purchase.

Similarly, researchers are also using AI to create flooding and earthquake alert systems. This will help with natural disaster management and let governments take protective action well in advance.

In Industry

You’ve probably heard the common refrain of how robots will replace all our jobs. However, what actually happens is that AI has led to the requirement for new kinds of jobs instead of the conventional ones. Car assembly lines, transportation, supply chain management, and mapping all involve AI now.

This leads to efficient production in industries, with companies being able to quickly respond to changes in demand. In addition, data is also collected through AI, so that the right strategies and business plans can be created. Often, this data is from numerous sources and there would be a high margin of error if it was compiled manually. With AI, valuable time is saved when it comes to preventing disasters.

In Art

One of the most interesting applications of AI is in art. Artists are programming AI software to create everything from paintings to poetry and music. This has created a fascinating debate about whether AI art is actually art, and whether the human experience is necessary for something to be called art. After all, AI does not have human emotions, so what does its art depict?

Interestingly, scientists have now created such convincing AI programs that they are beating the highly-touted Turing Test. This test determines through a set of questions whether an intelligence is human or artificial. However, multiple AI programs have beaten it, leading to a whole new set of moral and ethical debates.

In conclusion, AI is one of the most life changing technologies you will experience in your lives, and its impact will just increase over time. More info to visit:

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