internet connection in these easy steps

Fix your internet connection in these easy steps!



Having a slow internet connection can be excruciating. It’s frustratingaswe’re highly dependent on the power of the internet to stay connected with the outside world in today’s time. Most of our daily work depends on having a stable internet connection. From studying online to working from home, a slow internet connection can interrupt your performance, on a bad day. And the worst part? You end up with a huge bill at the end of the month for an internet connection that hardly delivered sufficient speed.

What causes the internet speed to slow down?

There are several reasons why your internet speed couldbe suffering. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Damaged Cables
  • Defected Modem
  • Broken Ethernet Cables
  • Out-of-date Drivers
  • Out-of-date Firmware
  • Bugs and Viruses
  • Incorrect positioning
  • Busy Network

How to fix your internet connection?

To help you get access to a reliable and fast internet connection, we’ve come up with a brief list of ways to fix your internet connection.

1. Correctly position your Router/Modem

Did you know that the placement of your router has a direct impact on network performance and internet speed?When positioning the router or modem, many people overlook distance as an affecting factor. When the router is placed next to electrical appliances or near concrete walls, your device might not get access to strong signals at all since radio signals are easy to deflect with obstacles.

And placing it too far away will only deliver weak signals across your main devices. The positioning of the router is critical. For best network performance and interruption-free connectivity, placing the router in a central location will ensure strong signals across all rooms and resolve the entire issue. Also, make sure you have no obstacles nearby blocking the signals strongly.

2. Do your research

Every technical invention ever made will stop functioning normally at some point. The same goes for routers. When investing in a router, always do it with a short-term mindset. There will come a point where the firmware of your router will become outdated. Make sure the router you purchase is approved by your ISP and always do your research before investing in one.

Test out the router once it is deemed compatible. But always keep backups incase of frequent connection drops.

3. Unplug the Router

One way to quick-fix your internet device is by restarting it. Disconnect the device from your router and unplug the router itself as well. This will refresh the router and restore a strong connection upon re-plugging it. A temporary reset sometimes is all you need for the router to run smoothly and deliver a fast internet connection.

Test out the connection and make sure if the reset worked by reconnecting your device to the router. This quick-fix is a popular tip used by most suffering from slow connections.

4. Don’t connect too many devices

Imagine if all devices connected to the internet are streaming multiple shows and videos in 4k HD. The speed is bound to get slower. To be able to enjoy other internet activities like browsing and gaming as well, you have to make sure all your devices are receiving equal speed, which most of the time is difficult to achieve.

Only connect the most important devices that need internet. Disconnect all others on standby mode. You can also subscribe to a worthwhile plan from Windstream Kinetic and enjoy fast internet on more devices.

5. Ethernet cables are lifesavers

If your wireless connection isn’t doing the job, you can always settle for Ethernet cables. By simply plugging it into your device and router, you can enjoy lightning-fast internet speed at all times. The best part? Never worry about losing connectivity since signals are delivered via cable. A high-quality Ethernet cable will do just fine.

Wrapping it up

When your network starts acting up, you can always try to unplug the router, connect to less fewer devices, use an Ethernet cable, place the router correctly or opt for different routers. Getting high-speed internet at home has become much easier, just follow these basic tips!

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