Email Hosting Myths

5 Most Common Email Hosting Myths

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An email has been one of the best modes of communication for businesses for many years. Even today, businesses rely on emails to communicate and store their business data, files, and other important media. To carry out more robust email tasks or activities such as sending out emails in bulk and having private email servers, web hosting providers offer a hosting service called Email Hosting solutions to their customers.

Business Email Hosting services are ideal for having the best Business Email experience with utmost security and professionalism. Paying attention to an email’s ecosystem and its security is crucial for a business’s success. Therefore, smoothly running Business Email servers are critical.

However, there are certain Email Hosting myths people believe in which needs to be addressed.

Here are five common Business Email Hosting myths:

1.Email is no longer required as people mostly use instant messaging

With the rise and introduction of platforms and tools such as Skype, Slack, and Discord, businesses are leveraging the speed of instant messaging. However, despite the ease, these platforms cannot replace email service altogether as they are universally accepted modes of communications across every professional business environment.

The chances of making mistakes and increasing issues with instant messaging platforms like accidentally sending informal messages to important clients or important business documents to an unintended person are common.

In contrast, an email maintains business etiquette, allowing organizations to uphold reputations and maintain professionalism.

2. Only technophobes are caught by phishing

Phishing attacks target everyone and anyone, despite being technically advanced users or not. Phishing is a major problem and can appear extremely convincing. Unless and until you observe and search closely for signs, they seem to be legitimate.

Believing that only technophobes are targeted by phishing is totally inaccurate as they are more psychological than technical.

It is crucial to incorporate email filters, and other security measures are important to protect your Business Email and its data from phishing attacks.

3. Your business data is not going anywhere

Many people and businesses make the mistake of storing their business data on their emails and relying on them whenever they require them. However, improper maintenance of this business data on the servers can lead to a major loss.

It is crucial to upkeep your business data if you maintain and store it on your Business Email. Self-repairing algorithms and integrity checking systems help in data longevity.

4. Weather is not something one needs to worry about

Many business outages result because of bad weather, resulting in power failure and server downtimes. Server downtimes have a significantly negative impact on businesses growth and success.

Such failures lead to restricted data accessibility and customer communication, affecting business credibility and reliability. Therefore, ensuring you have a backup strategy to maintain power is crucial under such circumstances.

In addition, ensure that your Business Email service provides a reliable disaster recovery plan which is reviewed regularly to be well-prepared and equipped in advance.

5.  It is risky to outsource your emails

Many businesses have an assumption that the further their data lies, the more prone it is to attacks and other online threats. However, it is none less than a myth as outsourcing emails helps reduce security risks.

Placing your Business Email servers under organizations that are well-equipped with all the necessary measures and expertise ensures that your confidential and sensitive email data is secured and defended from online attacks.

In addition, having and seeking help from experts helps businesses stay one step ahead and keep up with their data security, which is vital for businesses today.

Summing Up

A Hosting Email service only benefits a business in the long run, rather than compromising its data security. Many small Business Email Hosting services are also offered by email web hosting providers to help small businesses protect their website’s data at an affordable rate. Therefore, choose an Email Hosting solution for your business today for secure and seamless business communication.

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