Python is so Important for Excelling

Why learning Python is so Important for Excelling in the Finance Sector

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Python is considered one of the most popular programming languages for fintech companies. Its application ranges from risk management to crypto currencies despite being comparatively novice compared to other programming languages. The USP of this language is its simple structure and robust modelling technologies that form an excellent means for analysts, traders, and tech giants.

Popularity of Python

Python is considered to be one of the top three most famous languages in financial services, according to the Developer Skills Report published by HackerRank in 2018. Its immense popularity has created new job openings in the finance sector, including banking analysts and traders.

Here are some of the reasons why learning Python is so important:

  • Easy to Learn

Complex financial services can be easily solved using Python owing to its simple structure and flexible applicability. Organisations using Python can create software quickly because its composition is simple and enhances the developmental speed, eventually aiding in the introduction of new products in the market. The use of this language can also reduce the probability of errors that often affect the launching of products in the highly regulated financial sector.

  • Conjoins Economics and Data Science

Another importance of the new language is its multidisciplinary nature. With the help of its easy-to-use coding fundamentals, new algorithms and formulas can be made. These algorithms further help in the integration of the work of Economists into Python-based platforms. Tools included in this programming language include SciPy, NumPy and Matplotlib that help the Data Scientists to perform complex calculations in an instant and deduce accurate results.

  • Well-Explored Base

Python is dependent and created from other languages, so the learners need not start from the basics while creating software. This can save fortunes for the company in the long run by saving time. Python libraries make the incorporation of fintech products with third-party seamless. It caters to the ever-changing customer base by manufacturing products more quickly, thus allowing the company to earn profits.

  • Myriad Uses

Python can help the developers in the field of quantitative finance solutions that deal with large databases and analyse them to deduce into simplified visualisation for carrying out complex calculations based on statistical data as well. In the banking sector, Python can help to simplify the online payment processes and other mobile monetary transactions alongside developing ATM software. Python can even be used to retrieve cryptocurrency pricing and analyse the data

  • Build MVP

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is an integral part of advanced customer service. Python developers can easily offer personalised experiences and services and services depending on the customers’ individual demands. The Python developers can create a solid MVP for creating a product that fits the exact demand of the customers. A greater degree of responsiveness from the company’s side aids in customer satisfaction, thereby making the company more popular in the market and staying way ahead of its competitors.

Online Courses Offered

The online training courses that are offered by various institutes affiliated with IIMs are best for working professionals who want to enhance their career graph. The minimum eligibility for a person to enrol in the course is a Bachelor’s degree with 50% or equivalent at graduation and at least 2 years of Coding experience. These courses come with many case studies and assessments and industry mentorship sessions for practical experience. The institute also provides doubt clearing sessions so that the trainees acquire complete knowledge. Practical hands-on workshops and job placement assistance are also the key features of the institutes. The institutes that coach people on this language also ensure that the students grasp the utmost knowledge and skill. That is why they hire experts from across the world to provide interactive education.

The course fees vary depending on the number of hours of learning and the level of the course. The courses related to learning Python are conducted for the duration of 8 to 12 months; approximately 500 hours of learning. Some combined courses include Data Science along with learning Python. After the completion of the course, the institutes offer Python and Data Science Certification. The certificates help the deserving candidates get hired by top companies in the country as well as abroad. This course is a rewarding experience for people who love to think out of the box.

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