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How Can the Accessibe WordPress Plugin Help You?

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When you are the owner of a WordPress site, you need to ensure it is accessible to users with disabilities. In the USA, one in every four adults has some type of disability. This figure should prompt website owners to make sure their sites are accessible to everyone who visits their site, even users with disabilities. In case your site has accessibility issues, you will be liable for fines and lawsuits.

Installing the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Sadly, several small business owners do not have the budget or the time to rectify accessibility issues manually. Even if they make an attempt to resolve issues themselves, there is a possibility that their codes will break when the WordPress website needs to be updated.

This is where the accessibe wordpress plugin should be installed on their sites to help them. This innovative tool has the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It makes the site compliant and fully accessible as per the guidelines laid down by The Americans with Disabilities Act along with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in the US.

Application features

This tool has two applications. One works in the foreground and helps users who access the site make adjustments to the site’s interface when it comes to color, stop animation, contrasts, and more. There are a number of accessibility profiles that the user can choose when it comes to customizing the interface of the site.

The second application deals with more complex functions that manage screen readers and keyboard navigation. Users with visual impairments are able to browse without hassles thanks to this feature.

Not all WordPress accessibility plugins are the same

There are several accessibility plugins in the market for business owners to choose from for their WordPress sites. However, not all of them have been created in the same way. They have different features, and some are generic without the power of artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies. Generic tools have their limitations and do not perform like their AI-powered counterparts. The AI-infused tools are better than their generic counterparts as they are faster and keep in mind future needs.

When you are using WordPress accessibility tools for your website, you can be assured that your site is compliant round the clock. Users are satisfied as they are able to access your site easily without hassles at all. They have an interactive user experience with your site. They keep on coming back to it, and in the process, you are able to establish yourself as a credible presence in the market over your peers. Reaching out to a wider targeted audience means you get more sales opportunities and lesser bounce rates for your site.

The installation of the accessibe wordpress plugin is simple for your website. You need to go to the official website of WordPress and search for the plugin. Once you find it, you just need to click on the installation option to have it installed on your site easily. The process just takes two minutes. Once installed, it will check your site every 24 hours to ensure it is fully compliant.

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