Canadian Copper Exploration in Ecuador

An Overview on Canadian Copper Exploration in Ecuador



We have been using minerals and metals for a long time without even thinking about how they are processed and developed. Copper is undoubtedly considered amongst the most widely used and versatile elements. It has come out to be an integral part of our lives. In the past, it was used in surgical tools. Many countries are involved in copper production, including the USA, Canada, Zambia, Peru, Chile, and China. They have been doing great in copper mining and exploration to meet the global demand for copper. Solaris Resources Inc in Canada is one such company that is dedicated to mining and exploring copper. The various projects including Warintza have been offering discovery and expansion of copper production.

Copper Exploration in Ecuador

Ecuador is also known for copper exploration. It was 2019 when Ecuador started mining at a large scale with Mirador mine by EcuaCorriente and Fruta Del Norte operated by Lundin Gold of Canada. As per the experts, the country can produce copper in great quantities because of its location and water resources. Ecuador is known for its abundant mineral resources; still, it lags behind Peru and Chile in copper production. The experts forecast its production to get a 74% jump from 2020, so it may reach $1.6 billion this year. Moreover, they have been starting many copper mining projects which will begin production soon, including Ruta Del Cobre, Loma Larga, Cangrejos, Curipamba, and Cascabel. Here are the major copper mining companies of Ecuador.

Junin Mine

Established in Manabi province, the Junin mine of Ecuador has about 985 million tons of ore grading 0.04% molybdenum and 0.89% copper. Besides, it also has 59.8 million oz silver.

San Carlos

Established in the province Zamora Chinchipe, San Carlos mine has a reserve of about 600 million tons of 0.59% copper. Experts believe that this will come out to be the largest copper-molybdenum system.

Panantza Mine

Established in the province Zamora Chinchipe, Panantza has a reserve of about 463 million tons grading 0.66% of copper. This copper mining project is under Corriente Resources, a Chinese company. The deposits of this mine have majorly hypogene copper along with overlying oxide.

Mirador mine

Established one more mine in the province Zamora Chinchipe, Mirador Mine is one of the largest mines having the largest copper in the country. It has about 660 million tons of ore grading 32.2 million oz silver and 4.09 million oz gold. Also, it has 0.66% copper. Known as the first open-pit mine on the large scale in the country, its life is around 16.5 years.

The Bottom Line

Copper is a much popular element because of its enviable qualities and characteristics. Copper mining and exploration is an important sector in any country that raises the financial status of the nation. Ecuador is doing great to develop and advance copper mining at a large scale. With various projects, the country stood high in the production as well as export of copper. 

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